Photo Gallery #2

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Photo Gallery

Descanso Gardens - October

Ko'olau Mountains, O'ahu - Rainy afternoon

Rainbow Moon Hiding in Trees - Lanikai, Hawai'i

Descanso Gardens - Maple Leaves

Cloud Signs

Buchart's Gardens - Victoria, British Columbia

Cover art for new book on Hawai'i - 2011 release

Village Girl - Pisaq, Peru

Sunset at Masai Mara, Kenya

Tarahumara Girl - Copper Canyon, Mexico

Young Girl - Spadina Section of Toronto, Canada

Zuma Beach, California

Catalog shots for Supreme Swan online store

Bamboo fountain - Kailua, Hawai'i

Rainbow on H3 - O'ahu

"The Universe in a Rose Blossom" SRF Mother Center, Los Angeles

Lilies of the Nile - SRF Mother Center - Los Angeles, CA.